X21 Wiring Systems

The X21 Complete motorcycle electrical control units are everything you need to sort your electrical on your old bike.  These control units are available to suit your needs and save you time, headache, and money! 

Designed and manufactured in house at NWT Cycletronic, these units are constructed with the latest technology and a focus on functionality.  For too long there has only been one other option in the market with the m-unit but that may not be for everyone.  The X21 value has all you need and nothing you don't in the goal of saving you money while providing you with a well made product that simply works!  

X21 Value Functions:

  • Solid state MOSFET controlled powered
  • Built in auto-reset smart fuses on all input/output channels
  • Ignition system power supply and kill switch
  • Headlight high/low beam control with built-in soft start function to protect older bulbs
  • Running/brake light control
  • Turn signal and hazard light function with user controlled flash patterns
  • Starter solenoid control with built in clutch/neutral safety feature
  • Gauge power and indicator lighting output controls included
  • Horn function

The X21 value package includes:

  • The X21 system itself
  • Pre-wired controls for x-net connector
  • Input wire harness
  • Dash output wire harness
  • Necessary mounting hardware
  • Aluminum throttle housing for single or dual cable setup
  • In-depth wiring diagram and step-by-step installation guide
  • NO HASSLE 2 year replacement warranty
  • The best support you will find!