LiFe-4L Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery

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Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery with built in battery management system.  This battery is compact and very light weight but most importantly it is powerful. 

  • Powerful - The Ferro Phosphate composition means that this battery has greater power density as compared to Lithium Ion which means it can start whatever bike you need it to. 
  • Safe - This is also a much safer battery with the built in battery management system.  You can't overcharge it and it will not catch on fire. 
  • Smart - This can be used with any regulator rectifier including the stock one on your bike.  There is even a built in power display you can reference!
  • Lightweight - Compact size and 2/3 the weight of a comparable lithium ion battery
  • Value - We include the charger, the boots, and even an auxiliary port for whatever you wish to use.
  • Durable - This battery has no memory which means you can recharge it from completely flat with no risk of permanent damage.


 H 3.6" 92mm W 2.75"70mm L 4.45" 113mm


  • 12 volts, 155 cranking amps, 625 grams
  • Digital battery voltage gauge
  • Includes aux power plug & battery storage charger
  • Connectors, boots, hardware
  • 1 year replacement warranty

LiFe-4L Install PDF

If you are located outside of the Americas you can still purchase this item from who is the exclusive supplier of NWT Cycletronic products for Europe and beyond.