Direct Fit LED Headlight Bulb H4 Plug

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This bulb will be available around December 2022 along with more lighting options that are TBA.  I appreciate your patience while we gear up for the official launch!

Direct Fit LED headlight bulb for H4 Socket and housing. 

This bulb is intended to fit your H4 style housing and plug in as factory WITHOUT having and external converters, cooling fans, or complication. This is an affordable yet highly functional bulb that is a worthy upgrade on your bike!

Testing results:

Stock Phillips H4 bulb:

Low beam = 3.19 amps = 39.9 watts at 12.5 volts

High beam = 4.17 amps = 52.1 watts at 12.5 volts

LED Bulb:

Low beam = 1.8 amps = 22.5 watts at 12.5 volts

High beam = 1.8 amps = 22.5 watts at 12.5 volts

Power Savings: Low Beam = 18 watts saved High Beam = 30 watts saved

This bub saves on power consumption while being brighter at the same time. It even is designed to create heat to help keep the housing sealed. It has a 1500 lumen rating