LiFe-5L Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

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This battery is to supplement the lower stock availability of the smaller 4L version of our lithium battery.  Due to current events it is simply hard to stock a large amount of batteries so act quickly if you see these available!

Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery with built in battery management system.  This battery is compact and very light weight but most importantly it is powerful. 

  • Powerful - The Ferro Phosphate composition means that this battery has greater power density as compared to Lithium Ion which means it can start whatever bike you need it to. 
  • Safe - This is also a much safer battery with the built in battery management system.  You can't overcharge it and it will not catch on fire. 
  • Smart - This can be used with any regulator rectifier including the stock one on your bike.  There is even a built in power display you can reference!
  • Lightweight - Compact size and 2/3 the weight of a comparable lithium ion battery
  • Value - We include the charger, the boots, and even an auxiliary port for whatever you wish to use.
  • Durable - This battery has no memory which means you can recharge it from completely flat with no risk of permanent damage.


 H 4.3" 110mm W 2.75"70mm L 4.45" 113mm


  • 12 volts, 175 cranking amps, 650 grams
  • Digital battery voltage gauge
  • Includes aux power plug & battery storage charger
  • Connectors, boots, hardware
  • 1 year replacement warranty