Starter Solenoid

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12/31/22 - Stock is on the way!  This will show "out of stock" but it will still be available to buy. Simply place an order like normal and I will send these asap.  I should send all existing and new orders by January 4th.  I appreciate your patience!

Starter Solenoid with built in main fuse.  This solenoid comes with everything you need to do the full install.  We include the solenoid, mounting tabs, terminal boots, crimp on terminals, the correct plug, cable lugs, hardware, and of course a wiring diagram!  This is the most extensive solenoid package you will find.


  • 100% compatible with NWT Cycletronic X21 Systems
  • Suitable for ALL high current starter motor types
  • Includes plug with wires, connectors, hardware and boots
  • Full documentations and thorough tech support
  • 1 year replacement warranty

SOL-R Install Worksheet

If you are located outside of the Americas you can still purchase this item from NWT Europe as the exclusive supplier of NWT Cycletronic products for Europe and beyond.