X21 Value Type-M Momentary Buttons

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The X21 Value Package from NWT Cycletronic is a game changer for those who are looking for a quality product at a fair price! The value package is full of just that, VALUE.  What this system does is control all of your bikes electronics allowing you to minimize and modernize the wiring on your motorcycle without breaking the bank.

This package is for the "M" which uses just 2 compact momentary buttons to control all functions.  This is the cleanest package for those looking for the most minimal handlebar look.  A button pressing sequence is how the various functions are commanded.  

X21 Value Functions:

  • Solid state MOSFET controlled powered
  • Built in auto-reset smart fuses on all input/output channels
  • Ignition system power supply and kill switch
  • Headlight high/low beam control with built-in soft start function to protect older bulbs
  • Running/brake light control
  • Turn signal and hazard light function with user controlled flash patterns
  • Starter solenoid control with built in clutch/neutral safety feature
  • Gauge power and indicator lighting output controls included
  • Horn function

The X21 value package includes:

  • The X21 control hub itself
  • Pre-wired controls for x-net connector
  • Input wire harness
  • Dash output wire harness
  • Necessary mounting hardware
  • Aluminum throttle housing for single or dual cable setup
  • In-depth wiring diagram and step-by-step installation guide
  • NO HASSLE 2 year replacement warranty
  • The best support you will find!

Feel free to ask any questions you need to about this system.  We are hear to help you determine if this is the right product for you.  Email techservice@nwtcycletronic.com or contact@brickhousebuilds.com with any questions.  Also check the FAQ page for a few more notes on the X21

If you are located outside of the Americas you can still purchase this item from NWT Europe as the exclusive supplier of NWT Cycletronic products for Europe and beyond.