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The Story

Like many others I was fed up with the typical 9-5 type jobs that always left me wanting more in life.  I would get off work, go home, and work another long block of hours on cars or motorcycles to feed the creative beast.  After a motorcycle that I had built for fun started to gain some popularity online I had the dream that it would be cool to do this as a profession but still needed that extra kick to make it happen.  Soon after, the job I worked at closed its doors unexpectedly and that was the final push I needed to turn my passion into a career.  I sold everything I could and started investing in bikes, more tools, and reorganizing my garage to function as a shop!  Working from my garage, Brick House Builds was officially born in 2016!  Now 6 years into it I wouldn't have it any other way.


As Brick House Builds continues to evolve my goal is to provide motorcycle parts at fair prices, provide top notch support for those products, continually improve my skills in fabrication, service work, informative videos, and building new friendships throughout the motorcycle community.

The Community Built To Help You

Brick House Builds is partnered with NWT Cycletronic and Al of Kilted Bushido Builds. We are a team with the common goal of supplying these parts around the world, quickly, at a fair price, and to provide the largely lacking technical support after you make a purchase.

We all have our areas of expertise but we encourage you to ask questions, reach out with any needs, throw ideas our way, and to know that you will be treated fairly, with respect, and as a friend. We are very much a team and help each other out every day! If you need something, ask.

Below are links to NWT Cycletronic and Kilted Bushido Builds websites so if you do not see what you are looking for here please check them out or send a request for an item you are after!