BIG NEWS! Partnership, Products, New Website!

BIG NEWS! Partnership, Products, New Website!

11:02 PM - 1 hour to go

Well, nothing like waiting until the last minute I suppose!  I have been saying "it takes exactly the amount of time you are given" and this rings true tonight.  I have been busting my butt to get this website "built" (lets be honest it's amateur hour over here) in time for this launch I have been talking so much about.  There really is a lot that goes into beyond loading up some pics and setting prices but I won't bore you with that.

With this launch brings a complete shift in my business.  This shift is taking me from being customer bike focused to now parts sales and customer support focused.  Let me tell you all it's hard to make a living building custom bikes that require endless labor hours, endless parts, and endless focus.  I do so much enjoy building for people but it comes at a cost which is my time and my time is what I value the most in this life. 

This shift, this launch, this affiliation, this....thing... is the next chapter in Brick House Builds. It feel like I have just loaded up the car in preparation for a roadtrip and after tetrising' the hell out of all the camping gear, snacks, and clothes I've shut the hatch and now it's time go.  Thats when it gets real.  It has been absolutely hectic leading up to this point both good and bad but all with a goal and purpose in mind.  I have had to back out of some future builds, reschedule everything, turn away many build inquiries, and force myself to visualize this new path.  

11:26 PM - 34 minutes to go and another beer has been cracked

While it has been difficult it has also been exciting as this entire shift is for the simple goal of freedom.  This could mean so many different things all depending on how your format it or what stipulation you put on it but FREEDOM DAMNIT!  Since I was young my life goal was pretty much just to build cool stuff but I had no idea how to select that option in life paths. I guess you had to go become and engineer to build stuff.

You see BACK IN MY DAY we didn't have things like YouTube or even really the internet in anything like the form it is today.  For me it was forums. HOURS AND HOURS of building up fully in-depth build threads on whatever I was working on.  Id love writing tech how-to threads and just sharing anything I felt I knew that may help someone.  Well, YouTube has taken that to the next level in my ability?? to make somewhat watchable videos that get out to the masses and help inspire and educate so many people with shared passions!  The amount of thank you messages I receive in regards to my videos doesn't even make sense to me and I am very grateful for each one!  This support really keeps me going on what I fee is the right path for me.  That path seems to be helping others with their bikes whether it be with fabrication tricks, carb rebuild basics, and of course wiring!  Thats where NWT Cycletronic comes in. 

You see I had found their products while looking for a controller system that didn't want to do what everyone else was doing.  I had found out about, then NUUT via a Yamaha Facebook group comment and after a long chat with David wanted to give a Morty a try!  The product worked flawless, I made a video on it, and started assisting others with the product with my limited experience.  Due to this as well as the relationships built with Ben from Neverending Cycles and Al of Kilted Bushido Builds a new affiliation was born with NWT Cycletronic.  The greatest thing about it is how organically it came about.  This new venture gets me back to that freedom (see I had a plan here!) thing I spoke on earlier.

11:48 - stop looking at the clock Bj and keep typing!!!

My goals are first and foremost to help assist those who are needing parts for their bikes get the right product for their needs and THEN continue that assistance after the purchase.  I intend to keep making videos at the same rate which in turn helps assist those current customers further as well as educating those who may be in the market.  The beast will hopefully feed itself and give me the ability to have the freedom to work on what I want, when I want, and at what pace I want.  Not being shackled to a physical store means I am free to work outside of normal hours and be flexible in that regard.  Selling product and making enough money to put food on the table is a goal as well.  All of those things together I feel will give me that freedom I speak of.  

Perhaps my thinking is unrealistic or not of the way normal society is but I have long abandoned that notion for my life and how I want to live it.  As I mention in my origin story I was fed up with my 9-5 and haven't had one of those since. 

11:55 - whos nervous? I'm not nervous....YOU'RE NERVOUS!

In closing, I am excited, nervous, anxious, happy, and hopeful that this goes how I envision it and freedom is the ultimate result.  If you read this far I do not apologize for any typos as this was written in the moment. Rough draft and real.

I appreciate you all. Time to launch!