Honda Speedometer Drive Delete for Comstar Wheels

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This is a trick little piece designed to clean up the front wheel and fork on your custom build.  The stock speedometer drives are no longer needed when going to a digital modern gauge while still using your stock forks and wheel. 

These drive deletes are made from 6061 aluminum and sold in natural finish.  They are a direct fit item for a wide range of Honda models that use Comstar wheels and various cast mags with the 15mm axle.  The units include a spacer to cover a wider range of bikes.  Simply remove your old drive unit, compare the total height to determine if you need the spacer or not, and reinstall!  Note you MAY have to remove the metal ring used to spin the old drive but not always the case. Be sure to fit by hand first.  

If you are unsure if this fits and are able to send me measurements of your existing drive unit I am more than happy to confirm.

Fits models:


CX500/650 Turbo

Rebel 250






FT500 Ascot

82/83 CB750SC Nighthawk

83 CB550SC Nighthawk




77 CB750 F

77 CB750 A Hondamatic

79-82 CB750/900F/K/C

78-82 GL1000 Goldwing

83 GL1100 Goldwing

Various EARLY Shadow/Magna/Sabre models - Please confirm with me before ordering if you have one of these bikes.